Memorial: Bill Leahy

William (Bill) Dean Leahy was born on October 31, 1942, in the Garden Springs area of Spokane, Washington to Pat and Clara Leahy. He was the youngest of four brothers, all who loved cars and having fun – just like he did.

In 1961 Bill graduated from Grand Coulee High School in Electric City, Washington. Aft er winning a competition to get the most subscribers to paper route, Bill realized he liked working with and being around people. He worked as a salesperson in radio in 1968, then started his own advertising and design business, which he actively worked in until he was 78 years old. Bill married Judy in 1967, began his career as a radio salesperson in 1968, and eventually started his own advertising and design business where he worked beside Judy until he was 78 years old. In 2002 Judy needed a kidney transplant – and Bill happily donated his.

In addition to loving the outdoors and old cars (he had more than 100 over the years), Bill also had a passion for photography and visual arts thanks to a camera purchased as a birthday gift from one of his brothers. More than anything though he loved running. He won numerous awards and trained with his son Adam, which eventually led to him becoming a race and event planner, manager, and volunteer at the Pasco Invite. Bill volunteered to assist with all running events at the Pasco Invite and was instrumental in developing Big Cross – a woodchip-and-gravel, cross-country route in Pasco used by middle and high school runners as well as disc golfers and community members. Bill and Judy had one son, Adam, and hosted two exchange students, Hauke and Gerald, who also became sons to them. Throughout his life he was a good friend to many and made countless lasting memories them and his family. Bill passed away on April 10, 2023.