1. There will be many teams and outstanding individuals in this year’s Pasco Invitational. Only one contestant from each school may enter an event. Invited teams can only enter individuals in events where the athlete has met the minimums listed on the Invite Schedule (Personal Best). An additional entry will be considered if their mark would finish in the top 10 of that event. Meeting the minimum standard does not guarantee an athlete will get in the meet. We will fill all heats. All athletes and teams must be registered on athletic.net by Sunday April 7 at 5pm.

  2. Invoices for participation by teams will be generated on Mon., April 8th and posted on your school athletic.net calendar. Do not send fees/money prior to this date.

  3. Team Fees - Teams will be charged as follows (Boys and Girls teams will be counted as separate teams):

    • $15 per athlete
    • Minimum of $50 per gender
    • Maximum of $200 per gender
  4. We have an all-weather 10 lane METRIC track and so the following adjustments must be made:

    1. Short spikes(1/4" or shorter) must be used for all events including the field events. Be sure to bring proper spikes-Spikes will not be on sale on site as in the past.
    2. Metric distances will be run in all events.
    3. Starting blocks will be provided. Schools can use their own blocks if they are checked by the starter. Bring your own javelins, discus, shot puts and batons. Shots, Discus and javelins will be weighed and measured prior to each event. Each instrument will be weighed in the shed behind the shotput ring.
    4. Judges will be on all turns and straight a ways (no pacing or picket lines).
  5. All National Federation Rules will govern the track meet except for the special ones outlined in these instructions to the coaches. Team scoring (8 places) will be 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

  6. 4 Heats will be run for time in the Boys and Girls Events of the 400 M Dash, 300 M. Hurdles and all relays. 3-turn staggers will be used in the 4x400 relays, 2-turn staggers will be used in the 4x100 M relay and 400 M Dash, and 1-turn staggers will be used in the 300 M Hurdles. The 800 M will have 3 heats, The 1600 M & the Distance Medley Relays will have 2 heats. The 3200 M will have a 1heat final. The Distance Medley Relay, 800 M, 1600 M and 3200 M runs use the two alley start and will break to lane 1 after the first 100 meters. Teams and Individuals, up to a maximum of 40 entries, will be placed by time.

  7. Preliminaries will be run in the Boys and Girls 100 M Dash, Boys and Girls 200 M Dash, Boys 110 M High Hurdles and Girls 100 M High Hurdles.

    1. Lane drawings will be made by the Pasco Invite Track Meet Committee for all preliminaries. Lane assignments, up to a maximum of 40 entries, based on times submitted by the coaches and verified by Athletic.net.
    2. The top finisher in each heat of the preliminaries will qualify to run in the finals with the best remaining fastest times to complete a field of 10 athletes by the following schedules.
    3. The lane assignments from the preliminaries to the finals for all races are based on times in preliminaries. The two (2) fastest times will be given lanes 5 & 6, next two fastest times will be given lanes 4 & 7, etc. filling all lanes.
    4. Ties in best times will be resolved by highest placing in the preliminaries. Ties will be resolved by the flip of a coin.
  8. Starting Heights: High Jump for boys will start at 5'4" and will progress at 2" intervals until a field of 10 remains - then it will move at 1" intervals. The Girls High Jump will start at 4’4" and will progress at 2" intervals until a field of 10 remains - then it will move at 1" intervals. The Boys Pole Vault will start at 9’6" and move up 6" until a field of 10 remains - then it will move up at 3" intervals. The Girls Pole Vault will start at 7’ 6" and move up 6" until a field of 10 remains, then it will move up at 3" intervals. All Pole Vaulters poles will be inspected prior to any jumping by the competitor. Pole Vaulters must have a WIAA pole vault waiver form on file with the head PV judge and their PV coach must be present at pole inspection.

  9. Field Event Flights: Flights, maximum of 4 flights of 10 entries, will be used in the field events of the discus, shot put, javelin, long jump and triple jump. Each contestant will be allowed 3 throws or jumps in the preliminaries which will be run using the revolving flights of 10 jumpers or throwers; Each flight will take 3 jumps or throws until all flights are done. The top 10 contestants will then jump or throw in the finals in the reverse order. There will be 3 tries in the finals. The tries by the contestants will not be consecutive in the finals. The revolving Flight plan as outlined by Federation Rules will be used in the Pole Vault and High Jump. Each individual attempt will be measured.

  10. In the field events all warmups and run-throughs must be completed before the event starts. One run-through will be allowed, before each flight, to each contestant of that flight and one toss to each thrower as warmup. Twenty minutes will be allowed before each event for warmup. An extra run-through will be allowed in the pole vault and high jump if jumper passes more than 5 heights. NO extra practice will be allowed in unused event areas before or after an event.

  11. Scratches: will be handled at the finish line official trailer from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Friday, April 12. Scratches can also be made up until 9:00am on Saturday at the finish line official trailer. Running event and relay event scratches must be reported in the marshalling tent before each race. Scratches in the field events must be reported to the field event judge for that event. All athletes for an event must report to the judge of the event or clerk of the course at the start of the event. This means all field event athletes must report before flight 1 and all runners must report prior to heat 1 for instructions and check in. They will get their hip # at that time. Failure to participate in an event once the meet has started will disqualify that athlete for the rest of the meet.

  12. Running Events: Athletes be ready to go. The starter will assume you have checked in with the clerk of the course and will not wait to give instructions for each race. Starting blocks will be provided at the start.

  13. We would like the athletes to remain in the stands or team areas when not participating. Warm-up area is provided behind the bleachers on the east side of the field or in the area in the infield on the South end of the field. If you must be on the field, do not stand alongside the track or at the finish line. Coaches are not allowed on the field or in the field event areas. Roped and fenced areas are provided. Please note that tents are not allowed in the bleacher sections.

  14. Finish System: A computerized finish line system and a video tape machine will be used during the meet. This equipment will be kept on the officials trailer and results will be viewed only by members of the Pasco Invite Track Meet Committee.

  15. Award Winners: Please have award winners report to the awards stand as soon as they are called. Event awards presentations will be made as soon as all contestants are at the awards stand and the event results are read. Remind all contestants to remain at the trophy stand until they receive their plaque, medal or ribbon and pictures are taken. Awards not picked will be put in a packet at the awards area for your team. Please check before you leave to get that packet. Awards will not be mailed unless the awards coordinator is informed.

  16. Individual Awards: A plaque will be given for 1st Place, medals for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places, and ribbons for the remaining 8 places. In the event of a tie, the awards involved will be determined as outlined by Federation Rule. If the rules determine that a tie still exists, then the awarding of the plaque, medal or ribbon will be by a flip of a coin. All ties will still receive the correct plaque, medal or ribbon via mail. 

  17. Team Awards: There are awards for 1st through 4th place teams in Boys and Girls divisions. There will also be an outstanding athlete award. A ballot will be in your packet. You can turn in your vote to the timing trailer towards the end of the day.

  18. Coaches Meeting: We will have a Coaches meeting in the Edgar Brown Hospitality Room at the top of the stadium by the West gate at 8:15 am to meet all the officials. Questions concerning the meet can be answered at that time. We will have breakfast (coffee, rolls, etc.) for the coaches and officials only.

  19. Locker rooms are available at the north end of the stadium for dressing and showering. Bring your own towels. NO vans are allowed down into the stadium. Vans and buses should park North of the Stadium or in the parking on the east side of the stadium. The East side is the athlete pass gate.

  20. There will be no break in the field events during the opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies will be held in conjunction with the Boys 1600 Meter Run at the end of the Girls 200 prelims.

  21. Athletes will be allowed to place two pieces of tape not to exceed a total of 24 inches in their lane on the track for the relays. In the case of rain, poker chips will be provided by the relay inspectors for use (No chalk or tennis balls).

  22. Numbers will be worn by all contestants. These numbers will be in the team folders along with a single Pasco Invitational Programs per head coach. Alternates for relays should be registered on athletic.net. They will be issued numbers also. Safety pins will be available at the pass gate to attach the numbers to the front of each contestant (Jumpers may put the number on the back). Everyone needs a pass or number to get into the meet. Athletes must wear their numbers throughout the day to go thru the gate if necessary. Additional passes for coaches and managers are available at the coaches meeting. The pass gate is on the EAST SIDE of the stadium.

  23. We are planning an outstanding program and need your entry forms by 5:00 pm on Sunday, APRIL 7th, before if possible. Entries are made on athletic.net. Athletic.net will give us personal lifetime best times for your participants so do not use the override feature. You must verify times or distances that are not on athletic.net. We want the best teams in the last heats of the races run for times. Only scratches can be made after Monday. If an athlete scratches after Monday they will be scratched from all events.

  24. The Pasco Invite is at pascoinvite.org. Complete results of the invite, entry forms and information about the invite is available.